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The information stored on our server can be accessed easily and quickly from your home computer or a hand held device.

Features include :

7 year


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Common Questions

Spiker Solutions Inc.

How do I benefit?

Spiker will benefit you by saving you time and money. Spiker helps keep professionals organized on the go.

Does Spiker help if I get Audited?

Spiker does not get directly involved in audits, We will, however, provide the information you have stored to make sure the audit goes as smoothly as possible.

Where can I get Spiker?

Spiker is available for iPhone through the Apple app store and for Androids it is available through Google Play. All features are also available online by registering at

Cloud and Credit Card Security?

Up to date security systems are in place. We store all images on a secure cloud server hosted at Digital Ocean. We use Stripe to handle all credit card transactions. No credit card data is handled on Spiker servers.

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Pricing Plans

For RealtyNinja Members


We offer a monthly and yearly plan at a very reasonable price - plan information below.



Image storage
7 year backup of all receipts
Basic reports
Export to Excel
Full support



Image storage
7 year backup of all receipts
Basic reports
Export to Excel
Full support

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Spiker Solutions Inc.

Currently Spiker can be found on the Apple App Store, Google play and on the web.

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Spiker Solutions Inc.




612 - 525 Seymour St Vancouver, BC, V6B 3H6